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Ideame: Debriefing!

Hi everyone!

1 day ago, we began our tale with this video:

Now, we just came back home from http://www.ideame.es/ and we are very happy with all the feedback received from the audience! We were so glad that people could play our game, and share their thoughts and ideas about its mechanics and aesthetics.

The Galahad Team understood how difficult is to attract the attention from people with such an artistic concept with not enough visual feedback in-game, YET! That’s why we encourage you to keep holding an eye on this humble game and try out the last versions of the game that we will be uploading quite often.

Sooner than you think you will be able to download the game version brought to Ideame++ in this blog in the Download section.

And finally, we want to congratulate Stuffed Animalz for their award and the rest of the games for being so original!