A fight against oblivion


Here we will keep the most updated version of the game every time we build a new one for all of you that want to play it. You are very welcome to download it and leave comments about your feelings and feedback.


PC version (x86)

MAC version in progress

– · –


The game is available in three different languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

The default language is English, but you just need to access Language in the game menu to swap to your preferred language.

– · –


Keyboard: Arrows to move and lead the brush, SPACE to jump (and accept/select in menus),  left SHIFT to use selected paint, left CONTROL to attack and/or erase the paints,Enter to skip scenes, Esc to pause and go back/exit, Q/E for the rotating selection of the paint color and 1234 for the direct selection.

GamePad (Xbox 360 controller recommended): Left Joystick or Pad to move and lead the brush, to jump, B to use selected paint, X to attack and/or erase the paints, Start to pause and unpause the game, Back to skip scenes, LT/RT for the rotating selection of the paint color and Right Joystick for the direct selection.

– · –

Thanks for playing, and stay tuned, the game may still live forth!


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