A fight against oblivion


Finally released!

Indeed, folks, finally!

We are proud to present to all of you the new version 1.1, with improved art, French language and three levels!

Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows. The MAC version will have to wait for us to solve some compatibility issues, if we ever solve them.

Anyway, enjoy the game and feel free to post any comments, opinions or bug reports (we hope there will not be much of these :P)!

Here’s the download page (a quickstart manual is included in Spanish and English):


We will keep fixing little stuff and improving the game.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!
P.S. There is a known bug that happens sometimes in the London level: after dying, the paints on the floor and walls stop working on Galahad, although they are normally painted and everything else, and restart working after a while. The reason is unkown, and it only happened a number of times. We’re working on solving it. Please, report it by commenting this post if it happens.


Improved version and multilanguage!

Hi all folks!

We are here with good news for all those indie players and lovers of the genre out there: Our game can be played now all around the world due to the improved version of the level, including language selection! The language can be selected in the game menu, and both English and Spanish are now available.

We have also included final assets and feedback to the level, such as new sounds and graphics. We recommend you to play it, even if you did it already with the last version!

At last, we have built a MAC version, so nobody stays without playing Galahad’s Memories!

Please, go to our Downloads section to select your OS compatible version and enjoy it.

Thanks again for playing!