A fight against oblivion

The art

New version and level: Galahad’s clean-up!

Hellow all again,

We are glad to release our last development version of the game, with tons of changes since the last one!

Our objective during the last month was to include a whole new and complete level for players who do not know the core gameplay. With that in mind, we thought it could be a good idea to create the first level of the game, with all its elements (including graphics, camera travellings, texts, audio,…). In this level, the game introduces the main character, Galahad, and how he grew up during his early years. The level divides the flow in three parts, each of them guiding the player through a different color and a different piece of the story.

We encourage you to download the stand-alone version and try it yourself! You won’t be disappointed; many people ask for the second level a moment after finishing this new one!


Feel free to leave any comment or recommendation. Here are some in-game screenshots, thanks again for visiting and enjoy the level!

New Downloadable Version

Hello everyone!

We are very proud to announce the release of the last version of Galahad’s Memories! Please go to the Downloads section to get it.

though still alpha, we have introduced important changes on the gameplay, as well as in aesthetics and narrative:

Gameplay: The overall game difficulty has been decreased significantly for the first levels, driving the player into the desired mood and expertise level with a slower pace. It has been achieved by decreasing the number of buttons needed to play, from 5 to 3: Instead of painting each colour of the palette with a different key/button, now you can swap the selected colour and only need a single button to paint, as easy as it sounds!

Aesthetics: We have introduced a “nearly finish” look to the character, including full colours and new animations. More frames will be added in the future, increasing the quality of the character’s overall animation. The paintings and changes made in the canvas will be our next challenge: We will try to make the player feels like really changing the content of the artwork, as well as interacting deeply with the elements painted on them to obtain clues of the character’s forgotten life.

The character looks like this now:

Galahad with colours

Narrative: When people played the game in Ideame some days ago, they all felt a bit lost when getting around in the test level. In addition to the visuals of the level, we have included now more texts in the game: This feature allow us to drive easily the game’s flow and tell parts of the character’s story that cannot be explained with the artwork. In the next few weeks, the team will work out and develop the most important levels of the game, to ensure the story soaks the players and inmerse them deep in the story of this old artist.

And that’s all for now. Enjoy the playable content and stay tunned for more news to come!

Thanks, and see you soon.

Artists’ Blog!

Hello everyone!
You missed us bad, uh?
Here’s a little something for you, our artists blog (it’s in spanish):

Evidently we’ll stop posting the art in here.

This weekend we’re assisting to the Ideame++ game contest, organised by Nintendo and our University for all the Complutense University students to compete with their games; and we’ve been really busy.
We’ve been selected and we’ll be the firsts to present our game.
Wish us luck!

We’ll upload the contest game version in a few days.


Primer Hito: Primera demo

¡Hola de nuevo!

El pasado viernes tuvimos hito de proyecto; esto es: explicar y demostrar a nuestros compañeros lo que llevamos hecho. ¡Ah! Por si no lo hemos mencionado, estamos usando Unity para el desarrollo.

Y si lo que queréis es jugarlo vosotros mismos, tenemos versión para Windows y para MacOS aquí mismo:
Windows: Aquí
MacOS: Aquí

-Movimiento: flechas de dirección
-Salto: W
-Pintar rojo (salto): A
-Pintar azul (velocidad): S
-Pintar amarillo (pegarse): D
-Borrar/atacar: Barra espaciadora

Y en cuanto al arte aquí tenéis algunos bocetos:
Pruebas del personaje principal

Diseño casi definitivo

Otras cositas

¡Hasta otra!

P.D. Los sprites del personaje no son nuestros; pertenecen al juego Braid, que hemos tomado para las pruebas.

Hello again!

Last friday we had a project milestone, which means we had to explain and demonstrate our comrades what we’ve achieved so far. ¡Oh! If we didn’t mention it: we’re using Unity for the development.
You can see yourselves with this video:

Or play it:
Windows: Here
MacOS: Here

-Movement: arrow keys
-Jump: W
-Red paint (higher jump): A
-Blue paint (speed): S
-Yellow paint (sticky): D
-Erase paint/attack: Space bar

In the art field, here are some concepts:
Character tests

Almost definitive design

Other stuff

¡That’s all folks! (For now)

P.D. The character sprites aren’t ours; they belong to the game Braid, and we used them just for the sprite tests.