A fight against oblivion

About the Team

“The Galahad Team” is composed by 5 young yet resourceful game developers that joined their will to develop this game for their Master’s Degree Project. Here you can find a short description of each of them:

Javier Lupiáñez: Father of the game concept, he acts as game designer and programmer. – Linked-In – jlupianez@gmail.com

Sebastián Trelles: A (prospective) award winning Serious Game Developer from Uruguay, he is part of the design and programming teams. – Webpage: http://theadventuregamer.blogspot.com.es/Linked-In

Oriana Laplana: the brush that gives sense to the whole thing, she drives the art team and works as part of the design team. – Linked-In

Rodrigo Ribeiro-Pinto: A thoughtful game developer with a sensitive hearing, he covers programming, design and audio. – Linked-In

Carlos Albertos: A fairly well balanced game designer with strong skills on prototyping and level design. He is part of the programming and design team. – Linked-Inkarlossius@gmail.com

Above the team, there is a senior programmer that coordinates and steer the team, helping with team management tasks and the development process overall. He is Jaime Cornejo.

And because art matters, we received help from the following artists, and so we are very thankful for all the things they have done:

Ahitob Cerezo Perez, Zulema Laplana Curtido, Israel Domingo Parejo, Nuria Obrero Sánchez, Inma Gil, Gala Fiz Gonzalez, Mario A. Rocamora Aguado, Andrea Meier Gorina and Carla Huerta Crespo

We are widely opened to any opinion our followers and players can have. You are invited to ask and make suggestions to any of the team members, or by sending an email to the game’s group: galahadmemories@googlegroups.com


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