A fight against oblivion

About the Game

Years do not pass in vain, but aging wasn’t that tough for me… Until that day…

‘Autumn, 2006. The raindrops tinkled with unmistakable monotony on the cold window. When I woke up that morning and look to myself in the mirror, I felt something I had never felt before. It was an odd sensation, but trivial at the same time… I was thinking on Marie and how she had gone, but I was not able to remember how we met each other: The first time I smelt her lilac perfume… And I swore her “I would never forget that moment”…’

With this setting, Galahad’s Memories presents challenging blend of platforming and painting, proposing paints-based puzzles to recover the memories of this old artist. In his mind, each remarkable experience of his life takes the shape of an artwork. However, he suffers the Alzheimer’s disease and is beginning to swamp with gaps these memories. Themed by the mood of the moment (loneliness, peacefulness, sadness, passion, innocence…) and the style of that time, each artwork becomes a platforming level and a puzzle itself.

Instead of just platforming, the game presents a mechanic similar to those seen in ‘Epic Mickey’ or ‘Max & The Magic Marker’, where the player paints platforms to move forward in the memories. To achieve it, Galahad is equipped with a palette of colours and a paintbrush. With these tools, he will try to go through scratched canvases, gloomy oils and dripping paintings in an effort to preserve his memories from oblivion.

Help Galahad in his journey to recover the moments that made him laugh, cry or hate…: Because it is all life had left for him.

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