A fight against oblivion

Ready for #gamelab2012

Are you coming to Gamelab 2012?

We are already among the best 75 Spanish Videogames of 2012! http://www.gamelab.es/2012/premios/premios-del-publico/ficha/?id=27

And moreover, we have been selected as one of the four finalists for the “Best University Project of the Year” Award! check it out: http://www.gamelab.es/2012/premios/finalistas/

Here is our official video of the first level, for those with not enough time to try it themselves:

Will Galahad’s Memories be among the finalists for the “Best Academic Project” award in the forthcoming expo Gamelab Barcelona? It is about to begin in less than two weeks, and we are doing our best just expecting so! We will be there to show our last advances, with a whole new level and much more content! After the end of the expo, and thinking on those that will not be able to attend, the most updated version will be uploaded to this page, to share the game with all of you.

See you soon, this time in Barcelona!


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