A fight against oblivion

New Downloadable Version

Hello everyone!

We are very proud to announce the release of the last version of Galahad’s Memories! Please go to the Downloads section to get it.

though still alpha, we have introduced important changes on the gameplay, as well as in aesthetics and narrative:

Gameplay: The overall game difficulty has been decreased significantly for the first levels, driving the player into the desired mood and expertise level with a slower pace. It has been achieved by decreasing the number of buttons needed to play, from 5 to 3: Instead of painting each colour of the palette with a different key/button, now you can swap the selected colour and only need a single button to paint, as easy as it sounds!

Aesthetics: We have introduced a “nearly finish” look to the character, including full colours and new animations. More frames will be added in the future, increasing the quality of the character’s overall animation. The paintings and changes made in the canvas will be our next challenge: We will try to make the player feels like really changing the content of the artwork, as well as interacting deeply with the elements painted on them to obtain clues of the character’s forgotten life.

The character looks like this now:

Galahad with colours

Narrative: When people played the game in Ideame some days ago, they all felt a bit lost when getting around in the test level. In addition to the visuals of the level, we have included now more texts in the game: This feature allow us to drive easily the game’s flow and tell parts of the character’s story that cannot be explained with the artwork. In the next few weeks, the team will work out and develop the most important levels of the game, to ensure the story soaks the players and inmerse them deep in the story of this old artist.

And that’s all for now. Enjoy the playable content and stay tunned for more news to come!

Thanks, and see you soon.

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